Paris, June 21-25, 2004

Collision-induced Resonances In Two-color Four-wave Mixing Spectra
A.Kouzov, P.Radi*
* Paul Scherrer Institute, Switzerland

Resonance And Anti-resonance Features In The Collision-induced IR Spectra Of Simple Cryogenic Solutions
W. Herrebout*, B. Van der Veken*, M. Bulanin, A. Kouzov
* Department of Chemistry, RUCA, Antwerp, Belgium

Photons And Intermolecular Interactions: A Diagrammatic Approach To Collision-induced Characteristics
A.P. Kouzov, M. Chrysos*, F.Rachet*, N.I. Egorova
*Universite dAngers, Angers, France

Second Vibration-Rotation Overtone Band of the HI Gas: Linestrengths, Lineshapes And Pressure Broadening Coefficients.
A. Domanskaya, M. Bulanin, I. Grigoriev and K. Kerl*
* Institut fur Physikalische und Theoretische Chemie der Technischen Universitat Braunschweig, Germany

Collision-induced Absorption In The n2 Fundamental Band Of CF4.
A.V. Domanskaya, A.V. Podzorov and M.V. Tonkov


, , 6-10 2004 .

The n(OH) Band Formation In Strong Hydrogen-Bonded Phosphinic Acid Dimers.
R.E.Asfin, G.S.Denisov, K.G.Tokhadze

1H, 2H, 15N, 31P NMR And IR Study Of Hydrogen Bonded Complexes Formed By The Simplest Phosphoric Acid H2POOH.
N.S.Golubev, S.N.Smirnov, R.E.Asfin, G.S.Denisov, K.G.Tokhadze

Mechanism Of Coopertive Proton Transfer In Non-Catalytic Hydrogen Exchange Reactions.
S.F.Bureiko, G.S.Denisov

Conditions To Apply Factor Analysis Methods To Separate A Spectral Data Set Of Mixtures Into Component's Spectra.
Jorge Castaneda, Gleb S. Denisov, Vitaly M. Schreiber

Location Of The Proton In Strong Hydrogen Bonds Using H/D Isotope Effects On Carboxylic Carbon Chemical Shifts In Solution.
Peter Tolstoy, Nikolai S. Golubev, Gleb S. Denisov, Hans-Heinrich Limbach*
*Institute of Chemistry, Free University Of Berlin, Germany

Infrared And Ab Initio Studies Of Hydrogen Bonding And Proton Transfer In The Complexes Of 3,5-Dimethylpyrazole With Strong Carboxylic Acids.
S.Yu.Kucherov, G.S.Denisov, V.M.Schreiber, A.V.Shurukhina

The AH band Shape Formation In Hydrogen-Bonded Complexes In The Gas Phase And Liquids, Experiment And Theory.
K.G.Tokhadze, V.P.Bulychev, E.I.Gromova and S.E.Utkina

Cooperative And Environmental Effects In Strongly Hydrogen Bonded Complexes.
Z.Mielke*, A.Olbert-Majkut*, K.Mierzwicki*, K.G.Tokhadze
*Faculty of Chemistry, Unversity of Wroclaw, Poland

Vibrational Spectroscopy of Acetic Acid Dimer.
S.Melikova, K.Rutkowski, D.Shchepkin, C.Paluszkiewicz*, M.Wojcik*, R.Szostak**, J.Janski**, and A.Koll**
*Faculty of Chemistry, Jagiellonian Unversity, Krakow, Poland
**Faculty of Chemistry, Unversity of Wroclaw, Poland

Comparative Studies Of C-H...FCD3 Complexes With Conventional (Red) And Improper (Blue) Hydrogen Bonds.
S.Melikova, K.Rutkowski, P.Podziewicz*, A.Koll*, W.Herrebout**, B.J. van der Veken**
*Faculty of Chemistry, Unversity of Wroclaw, Poland
**Department of Chemistry, RUCA, Antwerp, Belgium

Experimentaal And Theoretical Study of The H2O...HF And H2O...DF Complexes In The Gas Phase. Analysis Of The n(HF) And n(DF) Band Structure.
V.P.Bulychev, E.I.Gromova, and K.G.Tokhadze